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Who we are

We believe groups are the past and future of this world. We’re simply better together. 

When one person tries to carry a table, they can’t. But two people can easily carry two tables when they work together. 

The individual is powerless against the authorities. Groups, however—they make revolutions happen. Groups have powers that a single person simply doesn’t have. Groups and teams can do incredible things, and we’re here to help push them to it!

Working together, we’ll ask you what type of team you are. Each group is different, with unique needs. Together we’ll curate the perfect activity for you.

We work with countless different groups around the world and can offer you the perfect Israeli activities, adapted to your location and language. We’ll deliver high end equipment and the finest Israeli guides right to your doorstep!

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Let’s talk about your team!

So what is it that we do?

ODT activity

ODT is an outdoor group activity designed to bring teams together using concepts and ideas adapted to the group (communication, teamwork, collaboration, etc.). Our games are professionally created to fit your culture, language and age group. ODT activities are taught by certified instructors. 

  • Optimized group communication
  • Trust among members 
  • Recognition of peer capabilities
  • Teamwork
  • Fun, and tons of it!
  1. We’ll come to you—all the way from Israel!
  2. A variety of unique games and activities designed in-house
  3. Activities for a all ages
  4. High-end processing, including processing cards 
  5. So many games… You’ll never get bored!

40 by 40 activity

A competitive group game. You have 40 minutes to solve 40 riddles that require skill and creativity. Each riddle is scored differently, so plan your time wisely! You can use any aids that you’d like. Work together online to discover who the best team really is…

  • Fun fun fun, first and foremost!
  • High energy and competitiveness
  • Hands on learning catered to your wants and needs
  • Teamwork
  1. Designed and developed entirely by us!
  2. Comes in a variety of formats (ask us about the box version)
  3. Excellent for grownups
  4. Can be tailored to your desired contents

Let’s talk about your team!

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